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We are a change management advisory practice helping organizations develop strategies and adopt best practices that take a multi-stakeholder, long-term view. Our work applies new thinking to strategy, culture, operations, and purpose to improve performance and create sustainable value for our clients, and for the greater good.


I was skeptical at first—so much consultant-led strategic planning is onerous and ineffective, but this was the complete opposite: impactful and fun. A refreshing contrast to the usual.
— J. Foley, former Executive Director, California Academy of Sciences
They guided us to a shared vision of what’s possible for getting more done faster and with joy. Then they helped us figure out how to get there. I expect the result will be a big increase in output and quality. I highly recommend their work.”
— L. Garverick GM at Inseego Corp
They were thoughtful, calm, and guided the team with a steady hand. They found solutions at every step.
— K. Wilkinson, Vice President of Communication & Engagement, Project Drawdown
They are so damn smart.
— T. McKnight, Host, New York Public Radio